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DistributionThailand 420: Our Groundbreaking Experience

Thailand 420: Our Groundbreaking Experience

OG Distribution at Thailand 420 Event

This July, the cannabis community in Thailand came alive in a fashion that was nothing short of extraordinary. Over the weekend of July 8th and 9th, OG Distribution had the immense privilege of sponsoring a booth at the grand Thailand 420 event, hosted by the ever-impressive Highland. This splendid community gathering, a cornucopia of culture, music, and cannabis, saw enthusiasts from across the country and beyond, congregating to celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

The remarkable success of this event wasn’t just a testament to our thriving and united community, but it also sheds light on the incredible and substantial progress the Thai cannabis community has made in the year since legalization. The enthusiastic sea of sponsors that graciously graced the event bore witness to the leaps and bounds we’ve confidently taken on our transformative and pioneering journey toward cannabis normalization.

Thailand 420

At OG Distribution, we were thrilled to mingle with the cannabis community at large, extending our roots deeper into the network of enthusiasts and professionals alike. The presence of countless dispensaries served as a testament to the increasing acceptance and demand for high-quality cannabis, and our offerings, grown right here in Thailand, were met with much excitement.

The work undertaken by the dedicated team at the OG Farm, nestled in the north of Thailand, has truly been remarkable. Their commitment to quality and passion for their craft resulted in some of the most outstanding buds, a display of OG’s ethos in its purest form. These homegrown buds mirror the essence of our mission – to be an integral part of the Thai cannabis supply chain from seed to smoke, and to provide only the finest, meticulously cultivated products at every stage.

The Thailand 420 event, while richly centered around cannabis, encompassed more than just that. The air was charged with music, the beats punctuating the Thai air as various musical acts took center stage. On the inaugural night, the audiences were serenaded by the soulful sounds of Yew, Rasmee Isan Soul, and Paradise Bangkok. The night reached a crescendo as Thai Hip Hop Luminary Joey Boy, much to the delight of his ardent fans, took over the stage.

Thailand 420

Day two saw the return of the cannabis community, their energy undimmed, embracing the event and all its colorful offerings with a fervor that was palpable. The day was punctuated by electrifying performances by Rocket Man, Teddy Ska Band, and Kai Jo Brothers before the event drew to a spectacular close with Rastafa, a band that resonates deeply with the Thai cannabis community.

After navigating through a challenging first half of the year, filled with peaks and troughs, this event was a much-needed fillip for the Thai cannabis community. It offered a cathartic platform for us to reflect, rejoice, and look forward to the brighter prospects that lie ahead in the second half of the year.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends at Highland, for their incredible dedication in bringing the community together through this awe-inspiring event for the past eight years. It’s through such initiatives that we see the spirit of camaraderie and innovation flourish in our community.

Looking ahead, if you own a dispensary in Thailand and aspire to stock the best Thai-grown cannabis and Thai Traditional Medicine products, we would be delighted to connect. Our farm and robust distribution network are equipped to meet your dispensary’s needs. Reach out to us via LINE by scanning the QR code below or contact us at +66 81 139 1420 via phone or WhatsApp. Together, let’s continue our journey toward a thriving cannabis community.

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